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inet-relay: freeform relaying for supporting IPv6 deployments.

Useful as:

  • Allowing non-link-local-aware software to connect to link local addresses
  • NAT64-compatible gateway (TCP only)
  • Tunneling connections between network namespaces
  • Since the socket is specified only by a file descriptor number (there is no code to bind a socket), there can be great flexibility as to the nature of the listening socket. For example, the socket could be in a different network namespace, the socket can be created before dropping CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE (changing to unprivileged user), certain socket options could be specified manually, etc. Also friendly with the iptables TPROXY module.


  • Support /64 in addition to /96 for NAT64 mode
  • Support IPv4 listening socket (for 464XLAT support)
  • Arbitrary network mappings, perhaps via a module that reads the local and remote IP addresses and computes the necessary socket parameters to create
  • Code to first create the listening socket in a user namespace while still retaining privileges in the original network namespace
  • Randomization of source IP address
  • Relaying between any two sockets specified by file descriptors (sort of like the "inetd mode" of this program)
  • UDP

Technically this project would be called "Internet Relay", but "inet-relay" was chosen due to confusion with "Internet Relay Chat" and that "inet" is already a common abbreviation for "Internet" in the socket() syscall.

License: MIT